Meniu Închide



Queen of the sparkling wines in Romania

In 1912, when the first bottles of wine were ready for the second fermentation in the Mott & Fils cellar, the fascinating story of the largest sparkling wine producer in Romania began. Going through the tumultuous periods of Romania’s history, from the initiatory age of the pre-war period, to the brilliance of Little Paris and up to the complete liberation of the Romanian spirit, the classic sparkling wine remained a faithful companion, which crowned many a happy moment, unchanged by the waves of time.

Keeping the tradition of the sparkling wine fermented in the bottle, ZAREA 100 is born, as a coronation of the experience gained throughout the century. A delicate sparkling wine with a distinct taste and a fine bubbling, ZAREA 100 is the supreme expression of the tradition in the production of sparkling wines.

In keeping with customs dating back to 1912, based on the traditional method of producing champagne, the wine is closed / tanked in bottles and kept for its accomplishment in cellars at constant temperature for one year. Then, with the utmost care, the bottles are manually spun over the eighth of a circle in order to crystallize perfection. The fluid then finds its purpose in a royal packaging, worthy of the superlative of the universal industry.

We invite you to taste the magic liquor perfected directly in the bottle that you hold in your hand. Only 6% of the sparkling wines in Romania are made by this traditional method.


ZAREA 100 White Brut, vol 12% alc. 0.75 L

ZAREA 100 White Medium Dry, vol. 12% alc. 0.75 L


ZAREA 100 White Brut