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Who we are

Who we are

ZAREA is a company with brands for all tastes,
for all celebrations, grate and small,
for every day

Our brands are inspired by the world around us, and by our consumers. Our collection of brands is permanently adapted to the tendencies, tastes and experiences of the people in Romania and around the world. The permanence of quality, constant innovation and self-improvement, consolidated on the pillars of over 100 years of tradition and expertise, guarantee us a solid basis for developing our business.



Our promise is QUALITY.

We are governed by sound business principles,
striving for the perfect balance between accessibility and quality.




We believe that the upward trend of our brands is due
to our perpetual excellence and quality,
which add value to the experience of our consumers.

We are passionate about providing the best possible experience, starting with each of our products and ending with how we develop our business.

Our brands are carefully prepared, they are genuine and relevant to the different consumer segments we approach. We aim to offer the best quality / price ratio for the categories in which we operate and to be happy to be with consumers in the happiest times of life. We believe we owe the best quality to our consumers, at a fair price. We work with our partners in the same way.