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Our history

Our history


ZAREA Company has its roots in 1912, when Wilhelm Mott founded in Bucharest a small sparkling wine factory.

As he was coming from a family with centuries-old tradition in the field, Wilhem learned the basic principles of producing sparkling wine in Germany. In 1900 he came to work in Romania, but only later did he decide to open a small factory in Calea Grivitei, in the capital of Romania. From here, Mott moved his champagne factory to Luigi Cazzavillan Street, where it remained operational until the purchase of the cellars on the Spirii Hill, in the Putul cu Apă Rece (Cold Water Well) Street, by year 1922.

1914 - The Great War

The outbreak of the First World War changed the map of sparkling wines, without changing the need for consumption. As Kurt Mott, the son of the founder, later wrote in his book „Our Daily Wine – 1942” „The wine during the war has always made it so that the commander’s voice was better heard and the voice of duty better heard as well.” The development of the western front in the Champagne area led to the abandonment of the vineyards and the use of the cellars as combat shelters, and thus to the dramatic decrease of the champagne production, which determined the orientation of the consumers to other areas where sparkling wine was produced. Romania already had a tradition of 72 years in the production of sparkling wine in the world, after France, Ukraine and Germany. Taking advantage of the period of neutrality of Romania and driven by the thirst for brilliance unencumbered by the ongoing war, Mott began to develop his export market.

Mott was developing a new product – MOTT 1914 Americain – adapting to the new trend of the beginning of the century, launched by the great champagne houses. The dry taste was the Americans’ favorite, but it was easily embraced by consumers throughout Europe. In addition to the classic MOTT 1914, other assortments adapted to the time are included in the portfolio: MOTT Extra Dry, MOTT Brut and MOTT Medium Dry.


In the new headquarters of the Putul cu Apa Rece, the company, now called MOTT & Fils, adds a rich palette of „liqueurs” to the portfolio of „natural champagne” already consecrated: fine wines, vermouth, plum brandy, mineral water, wormwood wine, nectar.

After the First World War, Romania is the fastest recovering economy. Whether it is culture, art, social life, industry or agriculture, the interwar period is perhaps the most prolific in the Romanian history. In the effervescence of the times, „Mott everywhere” becomes a truth of the time, not just a phrase in the interwar commercials. Mott becomes supplier of the Royal House of Romania and of the Wagons-Lits International Company – the operator of the Orient Express train.

With significant exports to England and Germany, MOTT becomes a European brand.


In Romania, Mott is the expression of the quality and brilliance of Little Paris, „the city of luxury and fire” or „the most joyous city in Europe”. The gambling, the rich meals and the luxurious parties in the famous salons, the emblem of the inter-war Bucharest were places where the Mott champagne was never scarce. References about Mott can be found both in the pages of newspapers of the time and in the Romanian literature.

„When a woman orders – either in life – or at a local pub, be careful that the wishes she expresses correspond to her femininity. So, when it comes to champagne, be happy if she asks for MOTT 1914. Because this beverage will bring together the suggestions of all the revelers, both the drinkers who enjoy „vigorous” tastes, as well as – in particular – the fair sex that appreciates delicate nuances.”

„The fact that the very Association of chemists under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ştefan Minovici on the occasion of the annual banquet served by the Enescu Restaurant gave preference to the MOTT champagne, serves as plentiful evidence that this product is natural and superior.” In 1925, a festive meal offered to the winners (high school students, college students) at the „MATHEMATICS GAZETTE” competition at the Matches and Stamps Factory included: „Mayonnaise sterlet, vol au vent, Poultry Vinaigrette, red Dealu Mare wine, Mott extra Dry, champagne”.


With the ceasing of the prohibition system in the United States of America, Mott & Fils opens its own branch in New York, exporting huge quantities (for that time) of wine and sparkling wine, rivaling the great French houses. During the same period, MOTT becomes the supplier of the passenger ships of the Romanian Naval Company, the MOTT products being found in the menu of transatlantic vessels.

At the 4th generation of specialists, with 100 years in the service of viticulture, MOTT is the representative of expertise in the segment of beverages based on wine during the interwar period.


In 1948 the production capacities of Mott & Fills are nationalized together with those of the sparkling wine houses Doctor Bazilescu and Rhein, receiving the name of ZAREA.During this period, ZAREA becomes the number 1 sparkling wine producer in the country. By preserving the traditional method of making the sparkling wine and using superior quality wines, ZAREA becomes the reference point of the entire Romanian industry. The ZAREA sparkling wine has become the most popular sparkling wine on the Romanian tables but also the official sparkling wine of the Romanian diplomatic and cultural events.With interruptions, until the establishment of the vermouth section, next to the sparkling wine, vermouth will be produced in the former MOTT factory.


The extension of the product portfolio starts with the brandy section. Beginning that year ZAREA brings to the Romanian market high quality wine spirits and meal products. These include the DUNAREA, SEGARCEA, TARNAVE, MILCOV, and ZAREA.The quality of the products will be attested years after by the medals obtained in national and international competitions.


The opening of the vermouth section represents a third extension of the product portfolio. The Zarea vermouth is actually the first product in this category made in Romania, being produced by an original recipe which ideally combines the wine with plant maceration extracts achieved in their own winery, under the careful gaze of the specialists.


ZAREA company goes through the most important process in its entire history, entering into a partnership worthy of its reputation with Schloss Wachenheim, world leader in the production of sparkling wine.For several years, it is redefining and modernizing its product portfolio, in order to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated consumers. In addition to traditional brands, it will introduce innovative categories developed within the company into its portfolio, but will also add valuable brands through strategic acquisitions.


ZAREA enters the cider category with the brand DACIC Romanian Ciders, based on the tradition of over 100 years in the fermentation of wines and the production of sparkling wines, thus having the necessary expertise to ferment the apple juice necessary for the obtaining of cider. ZAREA consolidates its experience as a producer of fermented alcoholic beverages, using Romanian know-how, Romanian apple juice and Romanian tastes.


ZAREA acquires the Sange de Taur (Bull blood) brand, as part of the company’s strategy to optimize the portfolio of high-turnover products, in order to strengthen the relationship with local distributors and store networks. Sange de Taur brand has a very good reputation, being the best-selling sweet red wine in Romania, according to Nielsen Audit retail FM 2019.


 ZAREA is a company with brands for all tastes, for all celebrations, great and small, day by day.

At present, ZAREA has a collection of exceptional brands, comprising 20 brands from various categories of alcoholic beverages: sparkling wine, brandy, still wine, liqueurs, aperitifs, vodka, cider and sangria. Our brands are carefully prepared, authentic, relevant, bringing something for every taste and every celebration, great or small, every day. The company continues to develop and acquire new brands, so as to keep its place in the minds of the consumers.
Number 1 on the sparkling wine market.

The story of ZAREA continues …