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ZAREA Cocktail to Go

ZAREA Cocktail To GO Collection

The best-selling sparkling wine in Romania

Are you tired of playing the bartender at home without success? Enter the Relaxation Academy and everything becomes simple. Delight your entourage with the ZAREA Cocktail To Go Collection, mixes designed by professionals and made exactly as they should be, perfectly balanced and aromatic, made of white or rosé wine, with a bit of fizz. Ready to party at any time, you can find them in sharable versions of 0.75L and non-sharable of 0.275L.

Fresh and tasty, they could be garnished with citrus slices to enhance the natural flavors, or not. Or they can be served over ice, with a twist of lime as a garnish, before sharing them with your loved ones, for cool summer sensations. Enjoy!

Hugo is a cocktail that reminds us of the sunny holidays in Italy and quickly climbs to the top of European consumer preferences. ZAREA Hugo is exactly what you are looking for at the party – a fizzy wine spritz with hints of fresh mint, elderflower and a refreshing lemon flavor.

Rosé & Tonic has a invigorating innovative taste, with sweet bitter notes, in which the rosé wine enhances the delicious aroma of the 17 bitter herbs and fruits extract of Carpaten Aperitif.

Spritz, made from fresh wines mixed with Amarelo aperitif, is the orange cocktail that gives elegance to parties.

Bellini is the refreshing mix that contains 30% peach, pear and raspberry pulp.

Hugo Rosé is a reinterpretation of the classic Hugo, made from rosé wine, with lemon, elderflower and mint, enriched with the flavor of berries.


Hugo Lemon, Mint and Elderflower 0,75L

Hugo Lemon, Mint and Elderflower 0,275L

Rose & Tonic Rosé Wine and Carpaten Aromatic Herbs 0,75L

Rose & Tonic Rosé Wine and Carpaten Aromatic Herbs 0,275L

Spritz Bitter Herbs and Oranges 0,75L

Spritz Bitter Herbs and Oranges 0,275L

Bellini 30% Peaches, Peers and Raspberry 0,75L

Hugo Rosé Lemon, Mint, Elderflower and Forest Fruits 0,75L