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The SECRET Vodka

Under the concept of The SECRET we launch innovative drinks, challenging consumers to explore them to enjoy unique and memorable experiences.

The SECRET Flavored Vodka is a concept that colors vodka to offer a unique taste experience, but also new consumption occasions.

Made from premium ingredients, pure vodka (37.5% alc.), filtered with Silver Ions, is mixed with delicious fruit juice, to give the world of vodka new meanings: the feeling of power offered by the purest spirit, combined with the pleasure and the joy of the rich and exotic taste of fruit, used especially in the bar. The range includes the following flavors: Red Orange, Lime and Pomegranate.

The SECRET Gold 23K offers a double reward: the authentic taste of Premium Vodka (40% alc.), filtered with Silver Ions and the flamboyant luxury of 23K gold flakes that impresses everyone. The SECRET Gold 23K is innovation in the world of vodka and attracts the attention of lovers of luxury and opulence, being perfect to be served on special occasions, such as exclusive parties or corporate events.

It is recommended to be served well chilled as such, in shots or in cocktails with white drinks (like The SECRET Vodka Tonic or The SECRET Martini)


The SECRET VODKA Blood Orange – 37,5% alc. Vol.  0,7L

The SECRET VODKA Lime – 37,5% alc. Vol.  0,7L

The SECRET VODKA Pomegranate – 37,5% alc. Vol.  0,7L

The SECRET GOLD 23K – 40% alc. Vol.  0,7L