Meniu Închide



Filtered with Silver ions

As a result of a continuous research process, we added value to the Russian recipe, harmonizing classical ingredients with ultra-modern technologies of production that are unique in Romania: the filtering by Silver ions.

The nine different stages of purification integrated in the technological process guarantee the obtaining of the purest vodka produced in Romania!

STALINGRAD Vodka is recommended to be served well chilled or with ice. Because it is extremely versatile, it can be mixed with fruit juices or it can be an ingredient in various cocktails.

STALINGRAD Lemon is a savory drink made of pure Stalingrad vodka to which lemon juice will be added. STALINGRAD Lemon can be consumed simple, with ice or it can be the perfect ingredient for the cocktails based on vodka.


STALINGRAD Vodka, vol. 37.5% alc. – 0,2L, 0,5L, 1L

STALINGRAD Lemon, vol. 28% alc. – 1L