Meniu Închide


DACIC Romanian Ciders

DACIC Romanian Ciders is a range of flavored ciders with personality, produced in Romania, having a full-bodied, fruity taste achieved by fermenting Romanian apples.

Animated by the daring spirit of our ancestors the Dacians and leaning on the Romanian tradition of cultivating and fermenting the apples, we have obtained four flavors of cider: blueberry, strawberry, cherry and raspberry (new) starting from the needs of persons loving varied and complex tastes.

DACIC Fresh ciders lemon and mint is an innovative cider with low alcoholic strength (1.9%) and fresh taste of summer. The mint lemonade taste combines perfectly with the one of fully ripe apple cider. We recommend it to be served well chilled (50-70C) with joy and fun, along with close friends, whether you are at home barbecuing or on a pub terrace.


DACIC Romanian Ciders Blueberry, vol. 4,5% alc. 0.275L

DACIC Romanian Ciders Strawberry & Wild strawberry, vol. 4,5% alc. 0.275L

DACIC Romanian Ciders Cherry, vol. 4,5% alc. 0.275L

DACIC Romanian Ciders Raspberry, vol. 4,5% alc. 0.275L

DACIC Fresh Lemon and Mint, vol. 1,9% alc. 0.275L