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Robby Bubble

Number 1 in Romania

ROBBY BUBBLE invented the concept of party drink for kids in the world, it being produced for the first time in 1994 by the German group Schloss Wachenheim, a group of which Zarea is a part.

Since then ROBBY BUBBLE has been exported on 4 continents!

Being conceived for children, it obviously does not contain any alcohol and it has a well-defined pleasant taste of fruit. It is offered in 5 assortments: strawberry, peach, cherry, raspberry and tropical.


ROBBY BUBBLE Strawberry 0.75 L

ROBBY BUBBLE Tropical 0.75 L

ROBBY BUBBLE Raspberry 0.75 L

ROBBY BUBBLE Cherry 0.75 L

ROBBY BUBBLE Magic drink 0.75 L

ROBBY BUBBLE Strawberry 1.5 L