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ZAREA Aperitifs

ZAREA Aperitifs

ZAREA Vermouth – the first vermouth produced in Romania

Zarea Bianco is the charming story of the perfect blending between the natural plant macerates prepared in our own winery with the selected wine and the ethylic alcohol from cereals. The tradition of the ZAREA vermouth starts with its founder, MOTT, who, starting with 1944, began the production and promotion of the MOTTINI vermouth. After the nationalization on the background of an increase in the vermouth production, ZAREA was to found in 1959 a special section for vermouth preparation. ZAREA offers an exceptional experience of taste.

ZAREA Bianco has a refined, complex taste with a delicate bouquet of aromas and is an extremely versatile aperitif. Its quality is annually confirmed by medals obtained in the international contests.

ZAREA Cherry is a delicious aperitif suitable for any occasion. Its delicate and appetizing taste is truly unique and it results from an original recipe that combines the seductive flavor of cherries with the velvety texture and intense character of the red wine.


ZAREA Bianco, vol. 16% alc. – 1 L

ZAREA Cherry, vol. 16% alc. – 1 L, 0,5L


ZAREA Bianco
ZAREA Cherry