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DACIC, the wine

DACIC, the wine

A little fizzy, but not too much

DACIC is a casual wine, for any occasion, be it a dinner with friends or an evening of debate.

As they have and active life style and more relaxed anticipations related to wine, our clients appreciate fresh wines, which are easy to drink and they expect (so will not be surprised) that the DACIC wine be a little bit fizzy, not too much, though, just enough to make it more pleasurable to savor.


DACIC Bubbly white medium dry wine, vol. 10.5% alc. 0.75 L

DACIC Bubbly rose medium dry wine, vol. 10% alc. 0.75 L

DACIC Bubbly red medium sweet wine, vol. 10% alc. 0.75 L